Morning tours – Enjoy the sunrise from the roof of an ancient caravanserai

On this tour you will…

  • Drive along a branch of the Ancient Silk Road.
  • Watch sunrise with a picnic breakfast at an abandoned caravanserai.
  • Visit a water spring and water reservoir.
  • Climb a volcano and enjoy a magnificent view of the Gavkhooni Wetlands.
  • Go bird watching at several oases and a waterfall.
  • Visit a camel mill or/and a singing ox-mill. *Entry fee: 50.000 IRR (1.20€), not included in the price of tour.

Afternoon Tour – The true desert experience

On this tour you will…

  • Visit abandoned Zoroastrian temples with a natural water spring. Learn about this ancient pre-Islamic religion of Persia.
  • Drive, walk on, and wade in the salt lake – national park entry fee: 50.000 IRR (not included in price).
  • Watch the sunset from the mystical golden sand dunes
  • Star-gaze and watch Milky Way in the desert.
  • Includes a light snack in the dunes (for example aromatic tea and refreshing watermelon).

Ghoortan Citadel Tour – Visit the pearl of the Varzaneh desert

On this tour you will…

  • Learn about the lives of inhabitants in this ancient citadel. A 1000 year old mud brick citadel 12 kilometres from Varzaneh. The Ghoortan people have protected the Citadel from numerous external attacks, preserving their village and culture.
  • Enjoy having a nice view of Zayanderud river and mountains from rooftop of citadel with 14 watchtowers.
  • Explore abandoned houses and see the way people were living.
  • Visit the mosques, local kitchens, watchtowers and much more!

Additional Tours – We can cater to your needs and interests so please talk to Mohammad if you have a specific request

Guests have really enjoyed these alternative adventures:

  • Hiking and visiting small villages with qanats (underground water channel) near Varzaneh.
  • Bathe in natural spring.
  • Camel riding in the Varzaneh desert.
  • Hire a private pool at secluded hotsprings.
  • Attend a traditional local wedding party.
  • Learn about Persian Medicine. Mohammad has studied and practised herbal medicine for a number of years.

Persian medicine focuses on how to lead a healthy life, dates back 4000 years and has highly influenced modern medicine. In Iran alone there are 2500 types of medicinal herbs! Each patient is said to have their own unique humeral composition. Learn about yours! Visit a spice shop and learn the medicinal properties. Enjoy an aromatic tea adapted to your needs.