Morning tours – Enjoy the sunrise from the roof of an ancient caravanserai

On this tour you will…

  • Drive along a branch of the Ancient Silk Road.
  • Watch sunrise with a picnic breakfast at an abandoned caravanserai (you have the option to start the tour after breakfast)
  • Visit a water spring and water reservoir.
  • Climb a volcano and enjoy a magnificent view of the Gavkhooni Wetlands.
  • Go bird watching at several oases and a waterfall.
  • Visit a camel mill or/and a singing ox-mill.

The price of this tour is:
18 € for 1 person (in a private taxi)
25 € for 2 person (in a private taxi)
30 € for 3 person (in a private taxi)

9 Euro per person, for 4 more people or more

Afternoon Tour – The true desert experience

On this tour you will…

  • Visit abandoned Zoroastrian temples with a natural water spring. Learn about this ancient pre-Islamic religion of Persia.
  • Drive, walk on, and wade in the salt lake.
  • Watch the sunset from the mystical golden sand dunes (you can rent a sand board at the guesthouse for 1.5€)
  • Star-gaze and watch Milky Way in the desert.
  • Includes a light snack in the dunes (for example aromatic herbal tea and refreshing watermelon).

The price of this tour is:
20 € for 1 person (in a private taxi)
30 € for 2 person (in a private taxi)
35 € for 3 person (in a private taxi) more people in a tour clearly cheaper per person.

10 Euro per person, for 4 more people or more

Camping in the Desert Tour – The ultimate desert experience

On this tour you will…

  • Have homemade dinner in the guesthouse before departure (occasionally in the sand dunes)
  • English speaking tour guide and transportation to and from the desert are included
  • Tent and sleeping equipment (light, bedsheets, mattresses, pillow,…) will be provided for your comfort
  • We’ll make a fireplace where we share our stories and experiences while drinking herbal tea (or barbecue some vegetables)
  • Stargaze and watch Milky Way
  • Wake up at the sunrise
  • Have delicious breakfast at the guesthouse
  • Sandboarding

Price: 20 Euro each person. When there are more than two people joining the tour, it will be cheaper.

Please notice that for everybody who is camping, we will give them a room so they can rest, take shower, … before and after
the tour. So, the price includes a room in the guesthouse also

Ghoortan Citadel Tour – Visit the pearl of the Varzaneh desert

On this tour you will…

  • Learn about the lives of inhabitants in this ancient citadel. A 1000 year old mud brick citadel 12 kilometres from Varzaneh. The Ghoortan people have protected the Citadel from numerous external attacks, preserving their village and culture.
  • Enjoy having a nice view of Zayanderud river and mountains from rooftop of citadel with 14 watchtowers.
  • Explore abandoned houses and see the way people were living.
  • Visit the mosques, local kitchens, watchtowers and much more!


Price: 7€ per car (including guide)

Persian Medicine Tour and Tea Party – Drink different kinds of herbal teas while learning about Persian Medicine

Enjoy a Persian Tea Party under the Milky Way, Aladdin Style!

  • Drink at least 5 sorts of aromatic herbal teas whilst learning about their medicinal properties of each.
  • Learn the basics of Persian medicine, and you will learn to have your food, and your body more “balanced”, so you can use them later when you come back to your own country.
  • We keep drinking some medicinal tasty herbs, until we fall asleep (as we normally organize it in evenings)!
  • We can organize for you this tour under the stars. In this case, we take a cab together to the dunes (easy to reach as the desert is just a few minutes away, yet the price of the cab is not included, so 4 Euro per taxi).
  • If you prefer this Aladdin Tea Party can be on our rooftop or in the common area of the Guesthouse instead. Magic genies not included!

Mohammad has been involved and studied partially herbal medicine for a number of years, yet he admits that his knowledge is limited. Persian medicine focuses on how to lead a healthy life. One may see the influence of Persian medicine to modern medicine through Avicenna. Each patient is said to have their own unique humeral composition, learn about yours!


Price for (up to) 2 people: 4 Euro
Price for 3 or more people: 1.5 Euro per person

Varzaneh – Be like a local with this culture and history tour

On this tour you will…

First stroll in town meeting locals, and visit:

◦ 600 year old Jame-Mosque
◦ Yusefi Traditional house
◦ Pigeon tower
◦ Zayanderud river
◦ Old bridge
◦ Caravanserai (inside it is under construction)

We will then drive out of town to visit one of these places:

◦ Camel mill
◦ Ox-well complex
◦ Henna Mill
◦ Handicraft workshops

Price: 12 € for up to 2 people
16 € for up 3-4 people
20 € for up to 5-6 people

Persian Cuisine Tour – Learn to cook a traditional Iranian meal with Mama Fatima

On this tour you will…

  • Cook with Mama Fatima (or any other locals) in their traditionally decorated home
  • You can request which meal to cook as well as other delicacies like the traditional ice-cream (a unique combination of Saffron, Rose and Pistachio). Mama Fatima knows most traditional Iranian meals, though getting the ingredients depend on the season. You will get to know more of an Iranian kitchen.
  • You will be served some herbal tea and snacks whilst you prepare the meals.
  • Occasionally, we might go shopping in a local market to help the chef for ingredients.

Price: The cost of the tour includes the delicious meal!

For 1 person: 8€

For 2 people: 10€

For 3 people: 12€

For 4 people: 15€

10 Euro per person, for 4 more people or more

Additional Tours – We can cater to your needs and interests so please talk to Mohammad if you have a specific request

Guests have really enjoyed these alternative adventures:

  • Hiking and visiting small villages with Qanats (underground water channel) near Varzaneh. There are beautiful mountains nearby, the closest is Mount. Ergesht.
  • Bathe in natural springs near the volcanic Black mountain.
  • Camel riding in the Varzaneh sand dune desert
  • Hire a private pool at secluded hot springs (90 km away from here, but very beautiful ones)
  • Attend a traditional local wedding party. Everybody is welcome!

Other activities

Cultural Movie Nights

Experience the arts through local cinema! We often project an Iranian art-house, drama or documentary film on the second floor of the guesthouse. Afterwards, we may discuss the movie and share our opinions about the style as well as the message portrayed.

Price: FREE – although we welcome any donations.

Health Restoring Tour!

A once common part of any town or village, public traditional bathhouses, hammams, uses to be an important part of Iranians’ life. Subject to many changes of life styles and coming of the baths to each house, nowadays there are not that many traditional bathhouses used to be everywhere in Iran. The remained unique ones are turned to be museums or teahouses. Yet, we offer you experiencing a traditional bath in Varzaneh. What you need to start:
 Notify us as soon as possible for all the arrangements.
 Notify us before if you have some health issue. Hair removal is also suggested before tour.
 To know the price is 10 € per person, and it takes around 2 to 3 hours.

– Sniffing snuff (aka anfieh). It makes you sneeze a few times. Then, we use natural mouthwash.
2- Inhaling some burning esphand (wild Rue or harlem), and frankincense.
Then we go to the bathhouse for the bath, massage and ointment. We offer and use the traditional herbal soaps, lotions, shampoo and ointment to treat the body naturally like the old days. We pick you up to the bathhouse. We start by taking a shower for 15 minutes, then:
3- Exfoliating and body scrub with Kisseh and Sefidab by a masseur/masseuse. Then, we take a second shower. Afterwards, we have body scrub with washing-mitt and herbal soap, and medicinal natural handmade shampoo. If you would like to, we might use vacuum cupping as well.
4- “Warmup” massage by masseur/masseuse (as Persians call it: mosht-o-mal). Then, we will have ointment (olive oil or sesame oil), and full-body massage. Then, we pick you up from public Hammam to the guesthouse.
5. You will be served refreshing hookah (ḡalyān/ shisha), with natural herbs, and could drink herbal tea.
*Ladies part is just in private bathroom in the house of masseuse.

Music Nights

Enjoy listening to local musicians and artists whilst eating delicious dinner and drinking tea around our fountain. Traditional music in a traditional home! We offer guests the opportunity to enjoy folkloric music and witness how Persian instruments are played. We need some hours in advance for arrangement, if possible!

Whenever you feel like this unique experience, let us know and we will endeavor to organize this with our local musicians.

Prices (not including dinner, as you may choose it on the menu): 30 minutes 5€, 60 minutes 10€.

You can easily share it with other guests. That goes directly to the musicians.