Contact information

To book your stay in Negaar traditional guest house you may consider one of the following ways:

  1. Reservations can be done easily by writing an email to the following email addresses:
  2. You can reserve by these phone numbers
    • Fixed office number: +98 314 648 5726
    • Owner, Mohammad: +98 913 214 9851 (Call/WhatsApp/Text message) WhatsApp  Telegram
  3. You can easily book through third party websites, such as HostelsClub, HostelsWorld:
    a. Booking via HostelsClub:

    b. Booking via HostelsWorld:
    Negaar Varzaneh Guest House in HostelWorld
  4. At the end you can just show up in front of Negaar guest house building and check our availability. We do not recommend this option, as we might not have vacant rooms.
    • Address: No.28, Negaar Varzaneh Traditional Guest House, Masjed Jam-e (Jam-e mosque) Alley, Shahid Beheshti St., Varzaneh, Isfahan, Iran (اصفهان، ورزنه، کوچه‌ی مسجد جامع، پلاک ۲۸، هتل سنتی نگار)